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cover of War Between US and China

Author Winston Langley's New Book, A Foreign Policy and Political Deep Dive, Looks at the Models and Efforts, Of Policy Makers and More, Examines the Likelihood of War, Between the United States and China, And Its Impact on the Global Community, Available Online at Amazon.com and BN.com

The nightly news often portrays the United States and China as predators in a cage, slowly encircling each other… with the knowledge that one could destroy the other. War Between US and China lays bare the flaws of this thinking and offers a path by which this conflict can be entirely avoided through diplomacy and forward-thinking.

Michael Radon
US Review of Books

It is a critically necessary, substantive, and eloquent plea and advocacy for a no-war/peace, understanding/coexistence/survival. At the same time, War Between US and China is a much-needed antidote to Destined for War, which despite its severe limits, carries within it the self-fulfilling prophecy potential.

Sajed Kamal
Poet, Political Activist, Retired Professor, and Leader of Movement for Alternative Energy

War Between US and China is the perfect read for those who enjoy politics, history, and world events. As a fan of history… I was absolutely fascinated with the author’s extensive research, from the study of Thucydides, the Athenian General who became known as ‘the father of scientific history,’ to the mirrored way we can look at the Peloponnesian War and our current conflict between the United States and China.

Anthony Avina
Pacific Book Review

The book contends that war between the US and China will come about, if the U.S. insists on denying China international equality.

War Between US and China, a new Cold War or even worse, would return the world to a regrettable and, in some cases, shameful past, with even greater socio-economic and political damage resulting, because of the increased interdependence among peoples and countries and our being faced with threatening global problems that the world of 1945-1989 (duration of the Cold War) never faced. The lethality of weapons of mass destruction has also grown, and more countries have those weapons. This book suggests that we have many alternative futures, as shown from a variety of sources including original documents, policy statements of presidents, secretaries of state or ministers, intergovernmental resolutions or treaties, judicial decisions, historical and scholarly studies, as well as popular magazines and newspapers from China and the U.S. The book offers an annotated glossary ranging from AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) to TYP (Thirty Years’ Peace) referring to the 446 BCE agreement between the ancient Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta. Extensive coverage on human rights and important 2021 development between China and the U.S. make this book valuable to those concerned with diplomacy, economic development, military assessments, ideological commitments, the conflict between society and community, technology, human rights, peace, and our common future.

About Winston Langley

Winston Langley is Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science and International Relations, and Senior Fellow, McCormack Graduate School for Policy and Global Studies, at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He has taught for over 40 years and served as Provost of the university from 2008 to 2017.