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cover of Abolishing War

Is It Possible to Abolish War?, This is the Fundamental Question, In Winston Langley’s New Book, View the Author's Interview

Abolish war. Is this an achievable goal?

Is it possible to abolish war? This is the fundamental question animating Winston Langley's new book. And, though many will disagree, it is a question to which the author is persuaded the answer is yes. Far from being utopian ideals, Langley argues, international security and peace are attainable, as are their necessary corollaries: protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources, and fair enforcement of all human rights. To that end, he proposes a radically altered United Nations—one that will afford the effective system of global governance that we all desire.

About Winston Langley

Winston Langley is Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science and International Relations, and Senior Fellow, McCormack Graduate School for Policy and Global Studies, at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He has taught for over 40 years and served as Provost of the university from 2008 to 2017.