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  • cover of Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues Since 1945
  • Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues Since 1945

    Winston Langley

    International recognition of human rights has held the most profound social and moral promise that people everywhere have been offered in modern times. That promise bears with it the potential to revolutionize the entire structure of interpersonal, intersocietal, and international relations. Because the state is at once the institution that must guarantee the promotion and protection of these rights, as well as the institution most threatened by their full exercise, a huge gap has developed between the promise and the reality of people’s lives. This volume houses information, covering concepts, cases, and issues, expressive of the range and scope of human rights, the passions they have provoked in people, the expectations that have been seemingly fulfilled or frustrated, and the means governments have used to disguise the true meaning of these rights, or employed, through force and brutality, to mute, if not entirely eliminate, their expression.

    1999, Greenwood (US), 978-0313301636, Hardcover