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  • cover of Human Rights in Turkey: Assaults on Human Dignity
  • Human Rights in Turkey: Assaults on Human Dignity

    Winston Langley, Hasan Aydin (Editors)

    The book offers historical contexts within which the development of democracy took place in Turkey, as well as the emergence of certain general human rights issues, the particular treatment of cultural and ethnic minorities, and the short and long-term consequences of the 2016 political crackdown, in that country. The impacts of that crackdown on individuals, groups, and institutions such as education, the media, the criminal justice system, the economy, and Turkey’s standing in the international community, especially with the European Union, have been deep and wide. The assaults on human dignity (especially that of women, gay people, academics, and refuges, among others) have been stunning, and their meaning for the country and the world will be long lasting. Libraries, research institutions, students, in general, human rights advocates, public policy framers, and all those interested in inter-national relations can benefit from this volume.

    2020, Springer (Switzerland), 978-3-030-57475-8, Hardcover
    2020, Springer (Switzerland), 978-3-030-57476-5, Paperback