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  • cover of Kazi Nazrul Islam: Moral Courage and Truthfulness
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam: Moral Courage and Truthfulness

    Winston Langley

    The work is an elaboration of a short play about the vital importance of truthfulness in the lives and well-being of individuals as well as societies. It argues that the relative absence of this value from social and public life, despite its acknowledged importance, is because people lack the moral courage necessary to embody it in their personal, social, and professional lives. Examples of moral courage and the difference its presence or absence makes are pointed to through instances in politics, religion, sports, and social movements, with examples varying from Dietrich Bonhoeffer confronting Hitler to Simone Bile’s stance against the Olympic establishment to Mothers of de Plaza de Mayo resisting the military government of Argentina to Daniel Ellsberg’s defiance of the Pentagon and the U.S. government, in general. The book also demonstrates how a short work of literature involving the life and deeds of a person with no apparent distinction can have profound universal significance. The lowliest among us is capable of great moral courage.

    The Bangladeshi author of this play is a genius who merit further study.

    2024, Newman Springs, 979-8887636085, Paperback
    2023, Kabi Nazrul Institute (Dhaka), 978-984-055-0, Hardcover