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  • cover of While the U.S. Sleeps
  • While the U.S. Sleeps

    Winston Langley

    The United States, in part because of the values which accompanied its birth and those later espoused, has achieved much, at home and abroad. It has also been faced with problems (some for centuries) it has failed to address, despite opportunities to do so. These problems—linked to arms limitation, models of economic development, race and class formation, popular culture and education, the environment, and the will to power—have progressively festered and have now converged to threaten the very life of societies, national and global. The book looks at the roots of these threats and patterns found in them, and takes the position that these threats will never be solved by presidents, political parties, or social movements, unless the patterns of excuses (the sleep) that have been used to bypass opportunities for solutions are addressed. It proposes some steps toward possible course correction.

    “An illuminating roadmap on history, politics, the U.S. economy, and leadership.” “It is a fresh and pragmatic overview that touches on six concepts”—disarmament, the environment, race-class and social rights, the economy, leadership, and common security.” Pacific Book Review
    “Why American life is teetering is neither due to the figure in power, such as Trump, nor party affiliation but rather a systemic series of patterns that have gradually come to a head in the early parts of the twenty-first century.” “Throughout, the author raises crucial points on the infrastructure that makes America what it is while also explaining the pertinent question of how much longer its status as a global superpower can last.” The US Book Review
    2021, Xlibris (US), 978-1-6641-5521-3, Hardcover
    2021, Xlibris (US), 978-1-6641-5520-6, Paperback
    2021, Xlibris (US), 978-1-6641-5519-0, EBook