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  • cover of Women's Rights in International Documents
  • Women's Rights in International Documents

    Winston Langley

    The aim of this book is to serve as a fairly unified documentary source of important international human rights instruments that deal with the rights of women. A secondary aim is to provide some contexts and perspectives on the documents, in order to help readers begin to make preliminary assessments about and encourage them to think further on some of the issues associated with these internationally re-cognized rights and the reality of women’s lived experiences within national societies. The work is divided into seven sections that include the International Bill of Rights; employment, remuneration, and education; nationality; marriage, family, children; prostitution and slavery; political rights; and all forms of discrimination. Additionally, the volume has a list of abbreviations, two appendices, notes, and an index. It also contains two additional instruments, a general introduction, and commentary on each document.

    1991, McFarland (UK), 978-0899505480, Hardcover