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  • cover of Women's Rights in the United States
  • Women's Rights in the United States

    Winston Langley, Vivian Fox (Editors)

    For over three centuries the women of the United States have struggled to win their fundamental rights. This book contains 125 historical documents that bring to life the passions, triumphs, and disappoint-ments of this struggle. Through letters, personal narratives, policy statements (including the Second Declaration of Rights), laws, key court decisions, poetry, women’s voices from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds speak to the reader. The volume, organized around five historical periods, chronicles a crucial, often overlooked aspect of US history, with each of its documents preceded a concise introduction. Together, they invite speculation on the future of women’s rights (the reader may bear in mind that the US has been but one of three countries that has refused to ratify the 1979 UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Discrimination Against Women) in shaping not only US’ history but the history of the world. This work won the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights Award, accorded to the Outstanding Book on the Subject of Human Rights in North America.

    1994, Praeger (US), 978-0313287558, Hardcover
    1998, Praeger (US), 978-0275965273, Paperback